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Daily specials work for restaurantsIf you have daily specials or featured menu items at your restaurant, you know the value they bring to the table. You know how they bring in customers and keep customers coming back.  So how can you maximize their exposure?  Well, we have a simple system to help you do just that.  A tool that allows you to spread the word about your specials and featured menu items.  Simply use this interactive web site and let it work for you.


Here's How It Works For RestaurantsMenu Planning PortalYou log into your very own, special section of this site and enter in your specials through our user friendly ‘Menu Planning’ portal.  In minutes you can plan for the day, week, month or year, then… CLICK your specials are on the web (internet) for your customers and potential customers to see.

This tool has many beneficial features (like linking and updating your web site) and will compliment your existing marketing efforts. You get continuous exposure as customers frequent the site to see what’s on special at local area restaurants including yours!


People look for specials at restaurantsYes we like specialsWhen asked: “If there was one website that showed you the daily specials from all your favorite, or area, restaurants, would you use it?”  85.8% of the people surveyed said YES and this website is just the place.

This convenient website gives people one place to go to and helps them decide where to go out to eat based on what a restaurant has on special.  Once they use the site, they’ll keep coming back and can even mark your restaurant as a favorite. Consumers appreciate a good value and even more importantly, great flavor!  Be sure your specials are seen here to bring those customers in.


Let it work for your restaurantThis system works well no matter what market you’re in; small or large; family diner or franchise. A loyal followingBuilds customer loyalty can be had with one customer or a thousand and one customers.


Let people know what you have on special for breakfast, lunch, dinner or for the entire day. You can have specials for drinks, appetizers, soups, salads, entrées, desserts and more.

You may use this site as a standalone tool if you wish. You can also use it with your other marketing programs to enhance them. It works excellent with your in-house promotions, gift cards, email programs, loyalty programs, social media, directories and all other forms of advertising used to promote your business.

It works with your website. We have a ‘Widget’ that you can put into your restaurants website and your current specials will be displayed right on your website!  This is all done automatically with no additional effort on your part. (Click HERE for example) Yes you read this right…You don’t have to be a computer programmer to update your daily specials.  Anyone you give permission to can simply and easily enter in your Daily Specials through your web portal on® and your restaurants website will be ‘Automatically’ updated too.  This feature alone is worth teaming up with us.  See sample shown here:


By the way; if you don’t have a website for your restaurant and would like one, we can make one for you very economically! (Look at THIS sample) No matter what you decide, you will always have your very own restaurant information page like this one.

Facebook Logo Twittler LogoIf you’re not using Social Media tools we give you an easy way to get involved and share your specials on Facebook, Twitter and others.

If you are using Social Media, we help you simplify the process, save you time and help to post your specials on these sites.

Think about this… From one place, your EatingSpecial® web portal, you can update the specials on your website, EatingSpecial®, Facebook, Twitter and others.  A true time-saver!

So go ahead, open up your menu and broadcast your specials. Let people know about your featured foods to bring them in your front door.  If you’re ready to sign up, or if you simply want further information, please fill in the brief information below and click the ‘Submit’ button. You’ll then be immediately taken to the restaurateurs detail page.

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